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Columbia Student Investment Management Association


As the Columbia Student Investment Management Association, one of the largest clubs at Columbia Business School with over 300 members, we are dedicated to the education and career development of students with an interest in the investment management industry. Our club is the focal point of contact for hedge funds, mutual funds, family offices, private wealth management, and other investment managers seeking interaction with Columbia Business School students. Our primary activities for this year include:

    • Hosting one of the largest and most successful student investment management conferences in the nation
    • Sponsoring guest lectures and panels from renowned industry practitioners
    • Publishing the Graham and Dodd Newsletter
    • Hosting monthly Investment Idea Club meetings 
    • Organizing stock-picking contests that enhance the investing acumen of our members
    • Visiting investment firms in cities including New York, London, and Boston as well as an annual trek to Omaha to meet Warren Buffett and Todd Combs
    • Assisting our fellow members with the recruiting process through educational events and a robust mentorship program
    • Organizing social and alumni events to strengthen our community
    • Working with other CBS groups and local funds in philanthropic activities
    • Sponsoring an academic scholarship for students interested MBA coursework focused on investment management

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Hosting the largest and most successful student investment management conference in the nation"